Introduction to Concept and Painting


A pictorial and iconographic compendium of literature, philosophy and history. This is the artistic work of Leonardo Passeri, who raises his research into curiosity in many cultural areas: from science fiction to early twentieth century psychology; from social and political philosophy to historical events; from admiration for art to fashion.
The impact of new science and technology on society acts as a file rouge between his works; so new living being come to life for thought and form, human beings, aliens, cyborgs, monsters and mutants that animate individual and collective events in a future that can still be changed.A fantastic story in which new unexplored worlds are inhabited by growing civilizations, and characterized by late-medieval urbanization.


"Down to Earth" - Homage to The Magic Flute - by Leonardo Passeri, 2018 / Acrylic, shaped wood reliefs and enamel on panel


Historical backgrounds sometimes reverberate through the thought that the artist wants to express, alongside his characters negative and positive figures that existed. We can find references to extinct civilizations, pagan rituals that have become Christians, parables and ideologies of wars faith and of two world conflicts. Passeri's curiosity and desire to know has led him to create a perfect collage of this branch of culture with a thousand facets. Naturally, fantasy reigns supreme, outlined through shapes and colors resulting from accurate searches, freehand sketches and digital sketches. Born silhouettes, characters following social hierarchies established in an imaginary tale, rebels who abandon another human thought failure, priests, embryonic and mutant bodies, in cold, almost soulless colors, sometimes based on situations, driven by consideration of one's own intellect. This is the central challenge, the abolition of categories of absolute and dictatorial power, of self-expression and neglect through logical and intelligent reasoning. The purpose is to eliminate a generic and general "customization" of the World, to give importance to the attainment of individuality by placing ourselves in the face of zoomorphic beings who act as a mirror for us, a contemporary society.


“Respiratory way” - by Leonardo Passeri, 2016 / Acrylic and enamel on panel


“Sacrifice square” - by Leonardo Passeri, 2016 / Acrylic and enamel on panel


A warning also through symbology, is another important element of the creations of Passeri. Sacred, pagan and biblical, esoteric symbols that re-emerge in moments of denunciation of mistakes made, as flashbacks from the past that without a proper collective consciousness might become flashforward.
The setting is rebuilt on the Gothic and Longobardic, late medieval times of the Three thousand, where cathedrals and other buildings take on the typical steep arches, stained glass windows and cold and gray stones, to recreate a mystical, hostile, and at the same time hopeful atmosphere and rebirth. In the geometries used, symbols, pyramids, towers and totems return to the numbers of sides and facades of the buildings themselves. Remembrances of monumental tombs, sacrifices and decorations of distant centuries, which have come back to present and significant. The main colors, enriched by a texture study, are dark, blue, purple, green, amaranth, black and gray all symbolizing and defining a post-atomic climate, a nerve-like and counterfeit nature. Here is the science-fiction element that comes back through futuristic visionaries and scenarios inspired by cyber goth, sci-fi, Philip K. Dick and Jonathan Latham's books. The post-apocalyptic condition forces in some cases the use of anti-gas masks that become the new faces of the characters, some come to death, abandonment, mental and physical malformations brought to light through the original Passeri touch.


“Salvator Mundi” - by Leonardo Passeri, 2017 / Acrylic and enamel on panel


“No trick, no deceit” - by Leonardo Passeri, 2017 / Acrylic and enamel on panel